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Hello! We are Michael and Aparna (Pern for short) Sproelich (pronounced Spray-lick)... This page is just a little about us and what we like to do. We are actually both very fun loving. Some of our favorite ways of having fun are waterskiing and snow skiing, both of which we do very often with the The Raleigh Skiing and Outing Club (RSOC), and playing sheepshead and other card games. Someday we wouldn't mind learning bridge. Pern and I actually met on June 20, 1992 at an RSOC waterskiing event. Here are some of our favorite places on the net.

On September 3, 1997, We had a baby daughter, Maya.
Maya now has her own place

Everyone wants to see the first time Maya snow skied.
Warning, very large file, about 18MB, it will take a while to download

On November 29, 1999, We had a baby son, Michael.
Here are the first few pictures

Photo Gallery

I just started using a neet little freeware program called Gallery, to help publish all the pictures we take to the web. I'm going to start putting together some photo pages with picutres I have and with pictures I take with the digital camera. No idea if I'll keep up with it, but you can check them out by going to the photo gallery.

I work at ...

Pern works at

This place will forever be under construction

Pern found this and thought it was cute... Ever seen a baby do a cha cha?

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